Business Items

The business meeting portion of the World Service Conference includes motions and proposals from the committees based on topics of concerns from the members at large.

This section includes business meeting items for reference during the conference.

Guidelines on Who May Attend, Share, and Vote At UA Convocation

1. All UA members are welcome to register to attend World Service Conferences and  Special  Convocations .

2. Only Group Service Representatives (GSRs), General Service Board (GSB) Trustees and Committee Chairs, the Parliamentarian, and the person(s) taking the official minutes will be able to share at the work sessions of the full voting body (Convocation).

3. Only GSRs and GSB members may vote at the Convocation.

4. A GSR alternate may share and vote in Convocation sessions when the group's regular GSR is unable to be present.

“Prayer for A Trusted Servant”

adapted from another 12-Step fellowship

Higher Power, we ask for your guidance today as we carry out this work 

in service to the UA Fellowship  

Relieve us of the burdens of our egos and perfectionism  

Grant us the grace of humor and humility 

Remind us to place principles before personalities  

Help us to focus only on the greater good of the fellowship

Give us the faith to trust in You and the group conscience  

 Let us know that we are responsible only for doing the leg work, not the outcome


Grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, 

courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.