Service Opportunities

"Giving Service is vital to our recovery.  It is through service to others, and to the Fellowship, that we keep what has been so generously given to us."

--Tools of Underearners Anonymous

World Service Conference 2023 is just around the corner.  We are seeking members who would be willing to do service in a tech capacity for the conference.

 If you or any members of your local meetings are willing and able to do service, please direct them to complete the form below.

 Please be sure to indicate on the form what role, day, event, and hour of time you are available to do service.

If there are people in European time zones who would like to schedule and host a morning pre-conference fellowship room, we would like to welcome them to reach out to the WSCPC and propose a room.  Same for farther west for end of day fellowship space.

 Please see the below  current service opportunities available.

Members completing the below service opportunities get to attend the conference for free.

For any additional questions, please e-mail the  World Service Conference Planning Committee:

Service Positions available:

(please read the descriptions below and then fill out the form at the bottom of the page)



Below are the time frames needed.  When filling out the form, include what hours you are available.

Dates and Times Needed:

9AM - 4PM Easter US Time (UTC-5) on WSC scheduled dates Exact times TBD


Hold space for members and welcome them to the break room.

Host Types:

Dates and Times Needed:

small blocks between 9AM - 4PM Eastern US Time (UTC-5) on WSC scheduled dates  Exact times TBD



Welcome members into the event room

Must be able to communicate via chat.

Be willing and able to learn how to use zoom

Dates/ Times Needed:

Exact times TBD

For the 2023 WSC, we are offering workshops.

These events will occur throughout the day before and after the business sessions of the conference.

Service positions needed for Workshops:

Workshop Facilitators

Duties:  Read the script for the workshop / meeting.  Introduce speakers.  Call on people to share.

Ideally, NOT a GSR, but not essential.

All times below are Eastern US (ET)  Find your local time using